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mvplayers webmvplayersFrom a play reading group in 1963, the Mount Vernon Players began in "ordinary" fashion. Non-profit articles of incorporation were filed June 15, 1964, and the Mount Vernon Players have been bringing quality entertainment to Mount Vernon and Knox County ever since - with more than 150 productions - making them Mount Vernon and Knox County's oldest premier Community Theater Group!
Their goal is to provide a theater experience for anyone who aspires to express themselves through theatre. They hold open auditions and do not precast their shows.  Their program develops the students as individuals:  vocally, physically, emotionally and culturally, rather than for the commercial theatre.  They hope audiences and students appreciate the living theatre as they present plays that picture all phases of life and dramatic literature and entertain but to contribute something more than mere entertainment.
“You’ll hear laughter and encouragement at our rehearsals,” says Amy Stoner, president.  “We have a great time while building people up through encouragement, suggestions, and education.  We know everyone works or goes to school, so we want them to enjoy the time with our organization while still learning and growing their craft.”
As they proudly celebrate fifty (50) PLUS years in our community, they want to express their appreciation to the people of Mount Vernon and Knox County for their continued encouragement and support.  Join them for their upcoming shows: Macbeth through the Youth Shakespeare Program and a murder mystery dinner event in October! 

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Mount Vernon: Best Hometown


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