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Business Spotlight --- OH, the places you'll GoBus!!!

Bryant Brothers

In 2010, GoBus started its 7-Days a week, 365-Days a year bus service that offers city-to-city services within Ohio. The business kicked off with 5311 funds --- Formula Grants for Rural Areas by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).
When asked about what a typical workday looks like for a GoBus office worker, they respond that they "execute the marketing plan, respond to customer inquiries, and explore new opportunities to expand and/or improve service." 
For local residents who are looking for affordable plans to travel across Ohio, especially to Wooster and Columbus, one way with GoBus costs around $10! 

Mount Vernon/Knox County area is also a GoBus stop location between Wooster and Columbus on their "Route D" service. In developing Route D, GoBus has collaborated with Knox Area Transit and received great support. Customers have also expressed that GoBus has fulfilled their transportation need when no other option was available.
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Mount Vernon: Best Hometown


Talk about community pride... Take a look at this video made for the Ohio Magazine Best Hometown announcement. Don't miss this. Be sure to "share" with friends and family who live elsewhere. Thanks to Woods Media Productions for creating the video and to Ariel Foundation for making it possible.